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We offer a variety of products (oil tanks, oil furnaces, oil-fired water heaters and more). Since we are not associated with any manufacturers, you have a wider inventory to choose from!

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We have the expertise to install oil tanks, oil furnaces, oil-fired water heaters and more, according to the applicable standards.

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Is your oil tank showing signs of wear? We can fix the problem at an affordable price. 24/7 emergency service. 

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To keep working properly, your oil heating system needs annual maintenance. Call us to avoid potentially costly problems. 


We can remove your old oil tank! 

By replacing your outdated oil tank, you will be avoiding potentially costly problems. Entrust the task to Chauffage CMP, the oil heating specialist.

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Is your oil tank on its last legs? Don’t worry! Chauffage CMP is here to help, and quick! Just give us a call! Flexible rates and service times. We also uphold other companies’ warranties. Full insurance coverage. Free quote. For personal service without any intermediaries, call Chauffage CMP.

One number to call: 514.484.8866