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Oil heating

30 years of experience 

Oil heating is synonymous with comfort. For example, a water heater that runs on oil heats much faster than one that runs on electricity.


Oil heating has many advantages: quick heat, incomparable comfort, continuous air filtration, cost savings and more. Safe and practical, an oil heating system will keep working during a power outage.


Oil heating systems requires annual maintenance. The tank and pipes need to be regularly checked for signs of corrosion, humidity and leaks.

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Dual energy heating

Enjoy 2 energy sources

This type of heating system uses two sources of energy: electricity and heating oil. Want to convert your current system? We have the knowledge and skills to do that for you!


With a dual energy system you will benefit from a reduced rate on the cost of electricity for most of the year. It Contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs).


Dual energy heating systems require only minimal maintenance. However, the tank and components need to be regularly checked for signs of corrosion, humidity and leaks. 

We can remove your old oil tank! 

By replacing your outdated oil tank, you will be avoiding potentially costly problems. Entrust the task to Chauffage CMP, the oil heating specialist.

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