Chauffage Martin Pinsonneault cares about your comfort. Period.

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10% off for people over 60 years old!

What type of heating do you use?

Oil heating is our specialty!

30 years of experience 

Is your oil tank more than 20 years old? Is your furnace acting up? Have you smelled oil inside or outside your home? Are there signs of humidity or corrosion on your tank? Don’t wait! Contact Chauffage CMP, one of the rare oil heating specialists in the Greater Montréal area.

We offer full service—sale, installation, repair and maintenance—and we’re available 24/7. At Chauffage CMP, we care about your comfort. Period.

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Is your oil tank on its last legs? Don’t worry! Chauffage CMP is here to help, and quick! Just give us a call! Flexible rates and service times. We also uphold other companies’ warranties. Full insurance coverage. Free quote. For personal service without any intermediaries, call Chauffage CMP.

One number to call: 514.484.8866